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Expo client: an app on your phone that lets you open your projects while you're working on them, without needing to go through XCode or Android Studio, and also lets other people view them too! Expo CLI will be installed automatically the first time you run npm start. The latest version of react-native-scripts also displays these instructions. Help us improve Expo CLI ️. Expo CLI is open source.

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The Expo client app usually  Expo CLI is the successor to Create React Native App. It allows you to build iOS and Android apps with no build configuration. Typically, setting up a full  Show the hidden file (Mac: [cmd]+[shift]+[.]) .expo-cli-dKBr48UN; delete it; Run sudo npm install --global expo-cli. 5 Aug 2020 A tutorial about how to get started with React Native using Expo Afterward, install the Expo CLI (command line interface) globally on your  25 Sep 2018 Expo · XDE: the Expo Development Environment. · Expo CLI: The command line interface for Expo. · Expo Client: An app for Android and iOS. Step 1 - Expo CLI. Run the following command in your Ubuntu terminal to install the command line interface (CLI) of Expo: npm install expo-cli --global. Expo CLI. Expo CLI is a command line app that is the main interface between a developer and Expo tools.

Expo Snack Expo in the browser.

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Learn More. Expo Snack Expo in the browser. Snack lets you run complete Expo projects in the browser. No download required.

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expo / eas-cli. Notifications Star 35 Fork 3 The command-line tool for Expo Application Services expo.io.
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Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package expo-cli, we found that it has been starred 1,655 times, and that 47 other projects in the ecosystem are dependent on it. 2020-08-28 Learn more details about using EXPO CLI and React Native CLI when working with React Native.
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Readme Releases 40. v0.7.0 Latest Mar 22, 2021 + 39 releases Used by 1. Turtle CLI is a command line interface for building Expo standalone apps. You can use it both on your CI and your private computer. Expo CLI Tool Expo is a third-party service. It removes a lot of complexity, and provides lots of convenience & utility features. “ Expo is a free and open source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React.